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Aktuell sind Privatstunden verfügbar!

Momentan können wir leider keine regelmäßigen Skikurse anbieten, allerdings sind Privatstunden für Sie verfügbar!
Due to staff shortage - unfortunately no regular ski courses at the moment

We did not make this decision lightly. Of course, we only want to offer you, our dear and loyal snow sports enthusiasts, courses if we can run them reliably. Like so many other companies, we are also affected by the difficult staffing situation. Unfortunately, this year we have not been able to find enough staff to guarantee the ongoing operation and have now had to make this difficult decision.

Of course we will continue to try and find staff!

Falls sich die aktuelle Situation ändert, werden wir dies so bald als möglich bekannt geben.

Sie möchten über Neuigkeiten informiert werden oder sind an Privatstunden interessiert?

Wenn Sie persönlich informiert werden möchten, melden Sie sich bitte mit Ihrer E-Mail-Adresse unten an oder rufen Sie einfach unter +43 (0)3622 71 948 an. Wir kontaktieren Sie, sobald es Neuigkeiten von uns gibt!

You can still rent, test and buy your ski and snowboard equipment from us! 

We will also be happy to assist you with the maintenance and correct adjustment of your equipment!



For skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers. For beginners, advanced or people taking up skiing again after many years: Individual coaching and support waits for you, either alone or together with your Family or in smaller groups with friends.

Kids Ski course

Depending on the skill level, children are instructed after a specific training programme: For very young children and their first steps on skis as well as for already well practiced youngsters to improve their skills.

PRIVATE LESSONS For ski, snowboard or cross-country (classic & skating)

We offer private lessons daily from 9am to 4pm. A reservation in advance via mail or phone call is necessary. Simply tell us at what time, if ski, snowboard or cross-country skiing and how many persons will take part .

Eine Person
Zwei Personen
Drei Personen












€ 70,-

€ 140,-

€ 200,-

€ 265,-

€ 330,-

€ 395,-

€ 460,-

€ 525,-

€ 590,-

€ 650,-

€ 90,-

€ 180,-

€ 240,-

€ 315,-

€ 390,-

€ 465,-

€ 530,-

€ 610,-

€ 685,-

€ 750,-


€ 100,-

€ 200,-

€ 275,-

€ 350,-

€ 440,-

€ 525,-

€ 610,-

€ 690,-

€ 770,-

€ 850,-

PREIS AUF ANFRAGE für sonstige Outdoor-Aktivitäten (Skitouren, Schneeschuhwanderungen, Tiefschneefahren/Freeriding, sportliches Carven)
Equipment and ski ticket not included.
We recommend to make the pre-announcement as early as possible, as we barely have free lessons on short call. 
If you do not show up for arranged sessions, we charge 50% of the regular price. You can avoid this by cancelling a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.