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Due to the current situation and official regulations we are not allowed to offer group courses. Private lessons for one person or more persons living in one household are allowed. 

private lessons

For skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers. For beginners, advanced or people taking up skiing again after many years: Individual coaching and support waits for you, either alone or together with your Family or in smaller groups with friends.

Kids Ski course

Depending on the skill level, children are instructed after a specific training programme: For very young children and their first steps on skis as well as for already well practiced youngsters to improve their skills.

Participation in ski course and private lessons is only possible with pre announcement.

The registration in advance is free of charge and serves merely to make sure there is a place in our course for your child. A registration for private lessons is recommended, because we barely have free lessons on short call.

KIDS COURSES for ski or snowboard

For a valid pre-announcement benötigen wir den vollen Namen des Kindes, das Alter, das Fahrkönnen des Kindes (siehe Könnerstufen) sowie eine Telefonnummer für etwaige Rückfragen.

ski & snowboard course

whole day (4 hours), for children of all age.
1 day € 75,–
2 days € 145,–
3 days € 185,–
4 days € 210,–
5 days € 210,–
extra day € 30,–

ski course mini

half day (2 hours), for 4–6 year old children.
1 x 1/2 day € 60,–
2 x 1/2 days € 115,–
3 x 1/2 days € 150,–
4 x 1/2 days € 175,–
5 x 1/2 days € 175,–
extra day € 20,–

Equipment and ski ticket not included. The prices are valid only if there are at least 5 participants.

Depending on the actual situation there can be changes of programme on short call. We kindly ask for your understanding.


measures in our skischool

In order to have a relaxed, healthy and joyful ski season!

lunch break

Our instructors regularly have lunch together with their ski course group at a ski lodge. Eating and drinking with the group promotes the group dynamics and mostly the children really enjoy it!

Child-care over the lunch hour including meal costs €11,- per day.

Kurse & Unterricht

ski course-levels

In order to put children in the appropriate group according to their ski ability, we divide them into groups based on our levels.

This will allow children to learn how to ski step by step – safely and with joy! 

Not sure, which level is the right one for your child? Have a short call:

+43 (0)3622 / 71 948

PRIVATE LESSONS For ski, snowboard or cross-country (classic & skating)

We offer private lessons daily from 9am to 4pm. A reservation in advance via mail or phone call is necessary. Simply tell us at what time, if ski, snowboard or cross-country skiing and how many persons will take part.


private lesson (60mins) € 65,-
each further person € 20,–
instructor for a day (4hours) € 240,-
each further person € 30,-

Equipment and ski ticket not included.

We recommend to make the pre-announcement as early as possible, as we barely have free lessons on short call. 
If you do not show up for arranged sessions, we charge 50% of the regular price. You can avoid this by cancelling a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.


is our skiing area for the smallest skiers on the slopes.

It is the perfect place for ski instruction for beginners and intermediates. A magic carpet, a rope lift and a button lift at the small hillside are available to you.

3 hours child  € 5,50
3 hours adult
 € 10,50
1 day child
 € 8,50
1 day adult
 € 16,50





+ keycard deposit of € 2,-

Ski tickets for the Kids-world only can be purchased directly at the skischool.


PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT for kids ski course or private lessons

For a valid registration in advance for the kids ski course we requiere we need the full name of the child attending, the age, the skill-level (look at our ski course levels) and a phone number in case we have some questions. in case we have any questions.

The registration in advance is free of charge.

If you have any unanswered questions about our kids ski course or private lessons, do not hesitate to make a pre-announcement via phone call.

+43 (0)3622 / 71 948


we confirm your announcement via phone call or mail and give you some information about the further sequence.

In generel...
  • You need to confirm the participation at the kids ski course one day before the course starts on-site.
  • If your plans change, please tell us in advance, so we can make modifications.
Kurse & Unterricht

Looking forward to see you!